Meet Char and Ri
The Creator's of Curls & Kinks

We care about the care you give your hair

About Us

Curls & Kinks is a Black owned company, created by two sisters, specialising in Afro Caribbean hair products, accessories and cosmetics. We have never enjoyed the in-store hair care shopping experience, as we have always felt that nobody cared about us or our hair. Within these stores there was nobody that looked like us, nobody that could relate to us and nobody that could offer help in regards to our hair care needs. After spending a good amount of money on products, the majority of the time we would leave feeling irritated or annoyed. Often as a result of being followed around the store or due to the lack of help. 

It was the build-up of these negative hair care experiences that encouraged us to speak to our family and friends, with the idea to become the change that was so desperately needed within the Black hair care industry. 

Although black hair care is our industry, we feel under-represented. Therefore, we decided to create Curls & Kinks to empower and support our fellow community, building our own support system within our industry, sharing knowledge and creating unity. We would absolutely love you to be a part of our Curl Club!

Char & Ri xxx

Love ya Girls! xxxx