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Pink Satin Bonnet


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Our handmade Pink Satin Bonnets are made with 2 layers of Satin, and a protective lining layer in between. The bonnets are completed with drawstring to keep secure and prevent any stretching that often occurs with elasticated bonnets. An adjustable drawstring provides added comfort as you are in control of how tight you want the bonnet to be. Our bonnets are super comfortable, making them perfect to wear not only to bed but around the house. 

Some benefits of bonnets are; 

  • Prevents dryness caused by friction between hair and moisture absorbing materials – such as cotton pillowcases.
  • Reduces the risk of breakage, tangling and hair thinning
  • Keeps hairstyles neater for longer
  • Minimises frizz
  • Aids in moisture retention – as a lack of moisture can cause breakage 
  • Great for the skin – your hair picks up pathogens during the day, without a bonnet these can be transferred to your pillow, which during the night your face will rub on. Not to mention the residue from hair products that are also transferred from your hair to your pillow. 

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